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Allison is devoted to her studio of beginner and intermediate flute students. She is passionate about the education, art of performance, and development of young flutists in the Greater Boston area. She respects and holds very high standards for all of her students from the very first lesson. Allison takes pride in seeing her students set and achieve goals. Music teaching & learning is a personal experience and Allison strives to make each of her lessons a positive influence on all students.




$35.00 for a 1/2 hour lesson
$52 for a 45 minute lesson

$70.00 for an hour lesson


Required Books/Equipment


The student should have a music stand, tuner, and metronome. A b-foot sterling silver flute is recommended. The student should have a notebook or binder to take notes in. Beginners start on the Trevor Wye "Beginner's Book for the Flute, Part I."




"Allison Lacasse was my daughter's music teacher in elementary school and she simply loved her! Alley's bubbly personality and fun-filled class were a highlight of her week. When we learned that Alley taught private flute lessons, my daughter began right away. Her lessons are fun, economical, and convenient (she comes to my home once a week) and my daughter looks forward to it every week. We couldn't be happier with Alley's talent as a teacher and a flute player and feel fortunate to have her as part of our child's musical instruction. Thanks, Alley!!"

-Kelly Adams


"We can not say enough wonderful things about Alley Lacasse. My 10 year old daughter started playing the flute in middle school this year and was having trouble playing and positioning the flute. She started lessons with Alley and we noticed a huge improvement her very first lesson! She has an easy and quick solution for immediate results, boosting confidence. Alley is extremely dependable, punctual, organized, friendly and an excellent communicator. She is a very kind, mature, professional and has an incredible talent for teaching. She has a very special gift in teaching and playing the flute. Kids love her and adults admire her."

-Nancy D'Agostino

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